th My buddy Jon from high school posted a link on his Facebook page, featuring Marvin Gaye’s isolated vocals from I Heard it Through the Grapevine. Jon sang in chorus with me and we performed in musical theater together. He was in this awesome rock band called Moot Point, that played all the school dances and won Battle of the Bands. He dated my best friend, Marisa. I dated the lead guitarist, Mike. Our friend Becky dated the bass player, John. High school was fun, at least some of the time. Jon still lives in Boston and sings lead in a few  bands. In fact, three of my friends from high school are still playing in bands, and play out all the time. This is one of the reasons I get home sick sometimes, because it would be so fun to go out to clubs and see them perform. But I don’t see my husband and me leaving California any time soon. Anyway, back to Marvin. I can actually feel my heart swell when I hear this. There’s 20 seconds of silence and then he starts.