As we left Kurstin’s studio, she climbed into her black Lexus 450 hybrid and declared, half-sarcastically, “I’ve only recently become a baller.”

I was thrilled to read this profile about Australian vocalist Sia Furler in yesterday’s New York Times. The set of pipes on this one. She was a key component of the band Zero 7:

Zero 7 live performance of “Destiny”

Then Sia went solo. There’s no video to this video, but click on the link if you want to hear a truly mesmerizing vocal performance from her album “Some People Have Real Problems.”

Sia “Little Black Sandals”

Maybe you remember this song of hers if you watched the series finale of Six Feet Under, a show I was lucky enough to work on the crew of:

Breathe Me video

Now she has a new career – as a stunningly prolific pop songwriter, battling addiction to drugs, alcohol, and Nutella.

New York Times profile