Splitsider just posted an article about a call in radio show that Louis C.K. did in 2007 on SiriusXM satellite radio. Eddie Brawley writes that Louis had absolutely no plan, no clue what he was going to do for three hours on the air. He flails around for a while, and then the show takes on an advice giving format. About forty minutes in, Louis delivers some of the best parenting advice I’ve ever heard, completely off the cuff, to a guy who complains about his toddler daughter throwing a temper tantrums. Whenever he tries to discipline her, his wife caves in and gives their daughter what she wants.

Try this, man. The next time you’re sitting with your wife watching fucking “Dancing with the Cunts” – or whatever it is – turn to her and say, “Can I talk to you for a second?” You gotta bring it up out of nowhere when everything’s okay. Here’s the thing. Being a parent is like being at war. And the way we do it – it’s as if we were a platoon in the army who didn’t even kneel down and draw some pictures in the sand and say, “Here – you go here and you go there.” Like if you’re a platoon and you’re going take a building or something full of brown people that you want to kill? You have to draw a picture of a building in the sand and say like, “You go here and Johnson, you go there,” and that sort of thing. Otherwise it’d be like, “Let’s just go get the building!” and people are shooting at you and you’re going, “You fucking idiot! Go over there!” That’s what parents do. You’ve got to set some time and decide: “When I say ‘stop that or I’ll take that away,’ you’ve got to back me up.” And she has a better plan let her come up with it. And if your kid is declining in behavior instead of getting better, then one of you is fucking wrong. So you gotta work that shit out. But never back down. Never, never.

The entire show is fascinating, in part because it’s got so raw and unscripted and Louis sounds as miserable as a human possibly can, about his marriage and career. Splitsider sums up all that works and doesn’t work during the show, and puts it in the context of Louis’ career and writing.

If you’re going to make scenes in your show that address really tough, touchy topics, you’ve got to practice somewhere. And if that Fat Girl scene in Louie is like a nice well-made cocktail, this is a bucket of crazy moonshine that will probably make you go blind.

Totally agree. The part about parenting is from 41:20 – 42:46

Here’s the whole show: